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The new year has started of with a bang.  The first quarter (and the homes already under contract) indicate that invenory remains low while demand seems robust.   Prices are stable and inching up overall, inventory is down, and homes are selling.   We have even seen competing offers!!   While its too soon to say the Boulder area has recovered completely, there are certainly signs of improvement.

The trends have been fairly consistent in most areas of the county.   The exception is the mountains -- the numbers of units sold and the average price have not improved much if at all over prior years.  Overall, Boulder County has been fairly stable both in price and the number of units is consistent with prior years.  The units sold so far this year has been better than the last few years.

The City of Boulder remains fairly stable in price and the units sold follows the same pattern as the county as a whole -- at least as many homes have sold as in the past several years.

Longmont has shown some improvement in average price and the number of homes selling is improved.

Lafayette has been been up and down both in numbers and average price of sold homes sold.  There has been stabilization in prices and a general improvement in the number of homes selling.

The number of homes sold in Louisville and Superior has improved and the inventory has remained very low.   Competing offers are common and homes are going under contract in days

The eastern part of the county -- the Plains, is still showing some ups and downs in prices and slight increases in the numbers of homes sold.

Mountain property has seen some ups and downs in pricing over the last several years and that trend is continuing. The number of homes sold has not improved over prior years and is not following the general trend in the county.   The average price remains quite volatile, in part because of the low numbers of homes selling.







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